Thursday, September 3, 2009

Life getting on track- radiation to come

Been getting things organized in Henderson, NV for the last 5 days. (disposing of 5 weeks of mail, bill paying, laundry washing, getting food in the refrigerator, getting escrow going along on a 16th floor condo in Las Vegas, as well as going to a new doctor (Camille Falkner, M.D.gyn oncologist) to get the 3 weeks of radiation on the road).

The incision still hurts if I move too suddenly, I can only do arm exercises and deep breathing, and there are strange and new sensations I have to learn to accept and respond to about bowel relief. These are my worst gripes, SO things can't be too bad.

Now I want to stop straightening the house and stop cooking so much, and get into my art studio and start finishing the many projects I began before cancer changed my life. IT'S TOO EASY TO JUST SIT BACK AND WATCH MOVIES AND SOME T.V. PROGRAMS.

My life is, thank God, getting off hold. Should I stop blogging, since I'm sure it's me or mostly me who reads this? No comments is a sure sign. Even so, maybe I should keep going just to keep me focused, or change the focus....I'll think about it.

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  1. Thanks Gayle and any others who read my blog. You said you're having trouble leaving a comment, SO, I'm trying right now. I hope it works.
    No radiation yet. First appt. with the radiologist will be on Sept. 17th