Sunday, October 11, 2009

Second Radiation Treatment

I thought the second treatment would be a duplicate of the first. On the first, once the radiation got going, it was barely a 5 minute "shot", beginning after they moved me into the room, and I was to hold still. BUT this second treatment went on and on and on. I started feeling pain in my right hip after a little more than 10 minutes. Being alone in the room, could I readjust my body, to get comfortable on the table again?

After at least another 5 minutes of -to me- unbearable pain, I called out for help. Two doctors rushed in, sort of yelling, "What's the matter, what's the matter". They let me move the few specks I needed to move. After another 5 minutes, it was over. THEN I asked how come this was so much longer. They explained it is natural radiation, like uranium, but (I think he said) a word like irradium, which decays and becomes inert after 7ish months. Then they get another. I got the same AMOUNT of radiation each time. At least now I know that next week it will take longer still, so I'll be (damn) sure to be VERY comfortable before they tell me to hold still. Gosh, I sure make a short story long.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

First RadTher Finished

My youngest brother says they call Radiation therapy RadTher in the Czech Republic, where he lives. Anyway....

about one hour doing the procedure in the LasVegas office was MUCH more interesting than uncomfortable. The office people, Dr. Treadwell, nurse Nicole, nurse Karen, and two others were gentle, kind, and so very important ---seem very competent. The only side effect was tiredness (slept about 12 hours the first night), but only 8 last night. So I'm happy.

Radiation didn't affect my appetite at all (kinda darn). John and I went to a new (for us) Mexican restaurant at the Eldorado in Henderson right afterwards. I asked for a "doggy" bag right at the beginning of the meal, and thereby didn't pack it all in my stomach. A good portion became lunch the next day before I went to 2nd Pfaff embroidery 4 hour class. Being a "member of the clean plate club" for more than a half century, this new (for me) tactic of FIRST getting the "to go container"has helped some. Getting myself to ask, and tactfully getting the servers to bring it right away has been the greater challenge.

Next Friday, here in Las Vegas, more radiation.