Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Friday Radiation and Toby, my latest acrylic painting

It's 2:15 A.M. and I'm feeling quite good. On Friday the radiation starts. My doctor told me I shouldn't have many or any side effects, while somebody I know in Las Vegas told me she lost most of her energy, couldn't eat, vomited, and had a lot of diarrhea. I wouldn't mind not being hungry, but I'd like to omit the rest. Time will tell for my case.
Here is my latest painting, an acrylic 11"X15" of a cute dog of a friend of my son's father in Buffalo, N.Y.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back in the Studio again

More and more I'm doing more that I want to accomplish. Finished another painting today, an acrylic of a dog in Buffalo, N.Y. Nice especially because it was commissioned by the owner's friend for her.

Now I'm preparing to finish 2 aerial pieces I abandoned a few months ago. This will be matching 30" X 30" embellished fabric collages for our family room, to go with the yellow couches. Unfortunately John says these couches (that he picked out!) are not comfortable. I've grown to love them, and wouldn't want to discard them.

Every now and then I'll bend too much or move wrong and I still hurt, but otherwise I'm fine- except when I eat too much (which I'm too liable to do). Next Sunday I can start exercising again. I got used to not exercising, and actually liked gaining the hour I used to take each day. Still I do want to get back in the elliptical machine swing of things.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Radiation treatment

It's not just a blast! Today was consultation with Dr. Treadwell the radiologist in Henderson. He seems competent. He described what will begin on Oct. 2nd: The larger the tube they put inside the vagina, the better the chance of avoiding affecting the bladder and the colon. It stays there for about an hour while they consult about the best way to proceed. When they decide, the radiation begins and last for up to 5 minutes. For the next two sessions I'll go through the same process again, because they can't rely on using the same decision as the previous week(s). BUT on Oct. 16th it "should" be over, and future appointments are for "surveillance".

Monday, September 14, 2009

Back in Henderson and Las Vegas

John and I drove back to Las Vegas this afternoon in our separate cars. We met with our real estate lady for a walk-through of our 2 bedroom upcoming condo. I'm certainly living a different life than before I retired from school psychology in June, 2005, and most recently retiring completely from my private counseling practice. Except for John still lifting anything heavier than 10 lbs. for me, I'm back to living as if I'm a healthy gal. Wednesday is my day for the new radiologist, and I'm a little scared, but "they" say not to be.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pain caused by Straining- It doesn't take much

I'm "trying" not to carry my backpack so much. It amazes me that so little can put so much strain on my tummy muscles. Just about everything one does will include the stomach muscles. This weekend I promised to take it easier.

John is very willing to lift this or that for me, but I often don't have the patience to wait until he can do it for me. I did have a cleaning person come today, but getting things clear so she could clean was part of the problem.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Posting Comments

My friend, Gayle Rock, from Bakersfield e-mailed me after not being able to post a comment. So I went to my blog and tried to post a comment.
FIRST, click on the 0 comments.
Then, I wrote in the comment, and clicked "post comment", It said it couldn't do it, it did say "try again". It didn't erase the comment, and so I tried again by clicking, Post comment again AND IT WORKED.

Maybe that's the key, it wants to make sure you really want to post it, making one try again. If you read this, will you please see if that is the case for you? Even if your comment is only, "Hi, this is ___________, I would be thrilled. THANKS, Drina

No radiation yet. First appt. with the radiologist will be on Sept. 17th

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Here I am in the "City of Entertainment", with so much going on this weekend, and all I really feel like doing is sitting around, even if on the computer, every now and then making something to eat , and then go lay down. My stomach feels best laying down.
I think I'm going to work in my art studio, but so far haven't managed to get myself there.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Autumn forest fires; Hoping for a trip to Italy; Stomach Hurts

The fires going on now in California are horrible. I saw a photo on television of the fire with a bewildered deer in the foreground. It was a fantastic photo, but so sad, like the movie Bambi. My friend near Yosemite, Terri Metz, said "The fire in Yosemite keeps on expanding and last I hear only 55% contained."
My brother, Robin, moved from Princeton, NJ last year to the Czech Republic, as his wife got a job there in a university as a linguistics professor, after having spent the last 18ish years in the US. She missed her family, and Robin also liked the idea of living in Prague. John and I are trying to arrange a trip to Italy sometime after my 3 radiation treatments and before it gets too cold there. Robin and his daughter, Kristina might drive down to Italy to see us. I certainly hope he can!
This "Stomach" of mine still hurts more than I like.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Life getting on track- radiation to come

Been getting things organized in Henderson, NV for the last 5 days. (disposing of 5 weeks of mail, bill paying, laundry washing, getting food in the refrigerator, getting escrow going along on a 16th floor condo in Las Vegas, as well as going to a new doctor (Camille Falkner, M.D.gyn oncologist) to get the 3 weeks of radiation on the road).

The incision still hurts if I move too suddenly, I can only do arm exercises and deep breathing, and there are strange and new sensations I have to learn to accept and respond to about bowel relief. These are my worst gripes, SO things can't be too bad.

Now I want to stop straightening the house and stop cooking so much, and get into my art studio and start finishing the many projects I began before cancer changed my life. IT'S TOO EASY TO JUST SIT BACK AND WATCH MOVIES AND SOME T.V. PROGRAMS.

My life is, thank God, getting off hold. Should I stop blogging, since I'm sure it's me or mostly me who reads this? No comments is a sure sign. Even so, maybe I should keep going just to keep me focused, or change the focus....I'll think about it.