Friday, September 4, 2009

Autumn forest fires; Hoping for a trip to Italy; Stomach Hurts

The fires going on now in California are horrible. I saw a photo on television of the fire with a bewildered deer in the foreground. It was a fantastic photo, but so sad, like the movie Bambi. My friend near Yosemite, Terri Metz, said "The fire in Yosemite keeps on expanding and last I hear only 55% contained."
My brother, Robin, moved from Princeton, NJ last year to the Czech Republic, as his wife got a job there in a university as a linguistics professor, after having spent the last 18ish years in the US. She missed her family, and Robin also liked the idea of living in Prague. John and I are trying to arrange a trip to Italy sometime after my 3 radiation treatments and before it gets too cold there. Robin and his daughter, Kristina might drive down to Italy to see us. I certainly hope he can!
This "Stomach" of mine still hurts more than I like.

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