Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back in the Studio again

More and more I'm doing more that I want to accomplish. Finished another painting today, an acrylic of a dog in Buffalo, N.Y. Nice especially because it was commissioned by the owner's friend for her.

Now I'm preparing to finish 2 aerial pieces I abandoned a few months ago. This will be matching 30" X 30" embellished fabric collages for our family room, to go with the yellow couches. Unfortunately John says these couches (that he picked out!) are not comfortable. I've grown to love them, and wouldn't want to discard them.

Every now and then I'll bend too much or move wrong and I still hurt, but otherwise I'm fine- except when I eat too much (which I'm too liable to do). Next Sunday I can start exercising again. I got used to not exercising, and actually liked gaining the hour I used to take each day. Still I do want to get back in the elliptical machine swing of things.

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