Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Posting Comments

My friend, Gayle Rock, from Bakersfield e-mailed me after not being able to post a comment. So I went to my blog and tried to post a comment.
FIRST, click on the 0 comments.
Then, I wrote in the comment, and clicked "post comment", It said it couldn't do it, it did say "try again". It didn't erase the comment, and so I tried again by clicking, Post comment again AND IT WORKED.

Maybe that's the key, it wants to make sure you really want to post it, making one try again. If you read this, will you please see if that is the case for you? Even if your comment is only, "Hi, this is ___________, I would be thrilled. THANKS, Drina

No radiation yet. First appt. with the radiologist will be on Sept. 17th

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  1. Gayle Rock wrote, "Drina, I'm reading your blogs but haven't quite figured out how to respond! I'm so glad you're writing even a little. I'm praying for you, my friend."