Sunday, October 11, 2009

Second Radiation Treatment

I thought the second treatment would be a duplicate of the first. On the first, once the radiation got going, it was barely a 5 minute "shot", beginning after they moved me into the room, and I was to hold still. BUT this second treatment went on and on and on. I started feeling pain in my right hip after a little more than 10 minutes. Being alone in the room, could I readjust my body, to get comfortable on the table again?

After at least another 5 minutes of -to me- unbearable pain, I called out for help. Two doctors rushed in, sort of yelling, "What's the matter, what's the matter". They let me move the few specks I needed to move. After another 5 minutes, it was over. THEN I asked how come this was so much longer. They explained it is natural radiation, like uranium, but (I think he said) a word like irradium, which decays and becomes inert after 7ish months. Then they get another. I got the same AMOUNT of radiation each time. At least now I know that next week it will take longer still, so I'll be (damn) sure to be VERY comfortable before they tell me to hold still. Gosh, I sure make a short story long.

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